2019 College Lacrosse Scholarship Offered by Andrew J. Oswald Memorial Fund


A $1000 per year scholarship will be awarded to Georgia High School lacrosse player (boy or girl) who will play lacrosse in college. The scholarship is renewable for 3 additional years, provided the student continues to play lacrosse each year. The first scholarship was awarded in 2006.
Rules and Guidelines

Applications will be considered on the following merits:

 Making Good Choices: Part of the mission of the Andrew Oswald Memorial Fund involves the encouragement of responsible choices by teens. When faced with a difficult challenge, how have you made a good choice or helped others make a good choice and what impact did it have?

 Contributions to lacrosse, your team, your school and/or your community: How have you specifically made a positive impact in one of the aforementioned areas?

 Two letters of recommendation: One letter will be from a teacher, guidance counselor, work supervisor or other adult who knows you well. The other letter will be from your lacrosse coach (or another coach).

 Complete Application Submitted on Time: Please review carefully and ensure complete, including appropriate signatures, and ensure application arrives by the due date.

 Confirmation of college lacrosse plans: To be eligible for this scholarship, you must play lacrosse in college.

If you have any questions or comments, please email Bruce and Kathleen Oswald at the_oswalds@ajo4lax.com. Forms are due by April 8, 2019.

Thank you,

Eileen Schara
Secretary-Andrew J. Oswald Memorial Fund 2019 AJO4LAX Scholarship Application